The iTapToo refillpoint

iTapToo makes packaging-free hydration accessible to everyone! From now on you can refill your own bottle or glass with a delicious and healthy alternative to regular soda’s. Good for your body and our planet. 

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Ready for the future


iTapToo drankautomaat

Old-fashioned vending

Free of sugars, filtered and cooled

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Striving together for a world without single-use plastic.

The biggest part of life is spent at work and school. Therefore it is extremely valuable to ensure an attractive, vital and sustainable living environment especially in those areas. A place where people are given the space to develop themselves, contribute to growth and make conscious choices. With iTapToo everyone gets the chance to enjoy worryfree soda’s and make the world a better place.

Impact maken doen we samen:

Refreshing sugarfree drinks

An iTapToo refillpoint has room for 6 different flavors. Each flavor from our unique drink range is divided into three levels of intensity so that everyone can adjust the taste to their own liking. We are constantly innovating with new flavors so there is always something new to enjoy!

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