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…deliciously chilled and slightly sweetened with extracts from the Stevia plant. Enjoy our refreshing flavors such as Elderflower, Ice Tea Peach, Pineapple and Mint-Raspberry. All flavors contain only 3 kcal per 100 ml and are free of sugars.


The flavors of iTapToo encourage you to discover. Do you like sweet? Then try our Blueberry or Elderflower. If you prefer slightly fresher fruit flavors, Lime-Lemon and Mint-raspberry are just the thing for you. Fancy something different for once? With their unique taste experience, Ginger and Pineapple complement the range perfectly.


Onze Munt-Framboos is het toppunt van verfrissing, de ideale balans tussen het zoetzure van de framboos en het frisse van de groene munt. Met deze smaak kom je goed voor de dag!


With Lemon-Lime you balance between fresh and sweet, perfect to start your work or school day. A safe and recognizable taste with that little bit extra from iTapToo.


This flavor may sound very adventurous, but it is one of the favorite flavors in the range! The Elderflower is wonderfully floral and soft in the mouth, highly recommended for everyone.


Our Ginger is one for the real enthusiasts. One cannot stay away from it and the other prefers to skip it. This flavor has character, tastes sweet but also nice and fresh.


With our Blueberry you have everything-in-one. The taste is slightly sweet, has a subtle acidity and is almost incomparable with other soft drinks. With a tap of this taste you will almost doubt whether blueberries actually ended up in your bottle!


This one will exceed your expectations. Deliciously fresh and sweet with a tropical twist. Ideal for hot summer days, or great for when you long for a little more summer feeling on the colder days.

Ice Tea Peach

The latest addition to the iTapToo range! This delicious taste is indistinguishable from the well-known brands, except that ours is free of sugars and unwanted sweeteners. An absolute must-try.

Free of sugars and deliciously chilled

A tapped drink from iTapToo is free of sugars and is deliciously chilled. Each flavor from our beverage range is divided into three levels of intensity and chilled water is available as well. There is always an option that fits you best. The iTapToo machine is perfect for school and work environments. Anyone with a reusable bottle, mug or cup is welcome to try!

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