Striving together to a world without single-use plastic..

 ..because the ease with which companies offer unnecessary plastic packaging is striking. That has to change. One of the bigger problems within the waste streams is the plastic bottle. “And it’s exactly that bottle that we’re going to eliminate.” At iTapToo you refill your bottle with refreshing and flavorful drinks. Great for your environment and a great choice for yourself.

Striving together to a world without single-use plastic.

12 million kilos of plastic still end up in the ocean every day. One of the larger polluters in this plastic soup is the PET bottle, of which the Netherlands uses an average of 900 million per year. That is an average of 52 plastic bottles per person! At iTapToo we believe that this can be done very differently. More and more alternatives to plastic are coming onto the market. But, what if we completely do away with the plastic bottle? In the Netherlands we are already well on the way. More than 9 million reusable bottles have already been sold and it is becoming more and more common to carry a refillable bottle with you. Yet the regular soda machine is still there, full of new plastic packaging. By tapping at iTapToo you refill your bottle with an honest and refreshing alternative. Together we contribute to a future without plastic!

Refreshing sugar-free flavors from a vending machine that prevents plastic

A tapped drink from iTapToo is free of sugars and is wonderfully chilled.
Each flavor from our beverage range is divided into three levels of intensity
and of course chilled water is available. There is always an option that fits you best. The iTapToo machine is perfect for school and work environments. Anyone with a reusable bottle, mug or cup is welcome to try! 

Refilling at iTapToo works, and here's why...

iTapToo offers a drinks machine where the consumer fills her reusable bottle with a refreshing sugar-free alternative to regular soft drinks. With every tap you save a plastic bottle from entering the waste streams! In this way we work together on a better and waste-free world for everyone.


Every refill at iTapToo saves a plastic bottle from entering the waste streams. 



All flavors of iTapToo are sugar-free and wonderfully chilled.



More and more products are offered through ‘refill’. Less waste!

Kraan+druppel 1
Kraan+druppel 2

The iTapToo machine contributes to a sustainable working environment in which the vitality of users is keyl. Without disposable plastic, sugars, artificial sweeteners and with only 2 kcal per 100 ml, iTapToo is the ideal concept for the future-oriented organization.

Ronde vorm
By refilling we have already reached...
kilometers of saved transport​
tasty refills in reusable bottles or mugs
saved plastic bottles​
Discover our 7 tasty flavors

Your drink is made on-the-spot. The iTapToo machine filters tap water, cools it and finally mixes it with a natural flavor concentrate.

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Perfect for every location
Due to its compact size and aesthetic appearance, the iTapToo machine fits everywhere. In addition, the design of the interface and the machine itself can be adapted to any preferred style. 

Healthy for you and the earth
The drinks contain no sugars, are based on natural aromas and are also wonderfully refreshing. The drink also contains only 2 kcal per 100 ml and all flavors match the golden scale of school canteens.


In the coming years, more and more products will be offered through ‘refill’ to encourage people to maintain a responsible lifestyle. Less waste, a reduced ecological footprint and no worries about waste-deposits.