First machines ready for pilots

First machines ready for pilots In September 2019, iTapToo started its adventure to contribute to a better world. Now, in June 2021, the time has come! The first packaging-free and sugar-free soft drink vending machines have been built and are ready for the pilot phase. Testing, testing, testing The first pilot takes place in Amsterdam… Continue reading First machines ready for pilots

Less packaged soft drinks in hospitals

Source: NOS Another positive development in the news! 11 hospitals have agreed to pay more attention to healthy food and the reduction of waste flows by, among other things, no longer offering soft drink vending machines. The removal of regular soft drink vending machines contributes to the reduction of (plastic) waste and ensures a healthier… Continue reading Less packaged soft drinks in hospitals

Tasty drinks in 2021!

Tasty drinks in 2021! The iTapToo vending machine is coming! In the course of 2021, it will be possible to tap at iTapToo vending machines in various school and work environments. At the moment the design is being finalized and we are perfecting our refreshing flavors. The technology of the machine also undergoes various stress… Continue reading Tasty drinks in 2021!