About us

iTapToo has three enthusiastic founders: Daan, Esmée and Martijn. In September 2019 we found each other during the Minor Entrepreneurship in Eindhoven. We entered the minor program as complete strangers to each other. The assignment? Develop a business idea that responds to a current problem.


After weeks of brainstorming and market research, the focus was determined: something must be done against all PET bottles in work and school environments. So much unnecessary transport of drinks by road, so much disposable plastic in the waste bins and that while everyone is walking around with a reusable bottle!


The iTapToo refill concept was created through extensive research and inspiring customer conversations. Since then, we have only had one goal in mind: making sustainability accessible to everyone.

Martijn Huijbregts

| Co-founder & technical director |

Hi, I'm Martijn! With iTapToo we want to show people how easy it can be to make the right choice. You hear constantly these days that you are not living a healthy enough life, or have a lifestyle that is bad for the planet. The solution is often hard to achieve or too expensive. At iTapToo we make a product that is so easy and delicious that you don't have to think about whether or not you choose sustainability today. I like to work every day to make sustainability more accessible for our customers and to close the circle as much as possible. Everything has to be right, in our supply chain and our business operations. We continue to improve and innovate this process on a technical and ecological level. By setting a good example ourselves, we contribute to a snowball effect, which will positively influence the view on sustainable business.

Esmée Noij

| Co-founder & marketing director |

Hi, I'm Esmee! As Co-founder and marketing director I am involved in managing all expressions of iTapToo. I think the great thing about iTapToo is that we bring a future-proof concept into the world with a lot of positive impact in the short and long term. The focus may be on eliminating single-use plastic, but in the meantime we also reduce the transport of soft drink bottles, contribute to vitality in the workplace and contribute to the image of future-oriented organizations. The latter is ideal for customers when attracting new employees. The shared motivation to make the world a better place makes our team strong and has a contagious effect. iTapToo makes sustainability accessible for everyone, that is the strength of the concept. I may be biased, but I recommend every organization to join the refillution with iTapToo!

Daan Beuting

| Co-founder & sales director |

Hi, I'm Daan! Co-founder and Sales Director at iTapToo. The sustainable vision of iTapToo starts with replacing single-use plastic, but extends completely into our business operations. For example, we consider sustainable collaborations important; we work with forward-thinking companies that are focused on positive impact. Partly because of this, we offer our customers a reliable basis for the long term. I therefore find it extremely rewarding work to be able to provide our customers with a total solution in their workplace. Everyone has their own reason why they like our machine so much. Some think it's a wonderful solution for replacing the PET bottle, while others think the design of the vending machine is a must-have in itself. This makes the customer conversations interesting and dynamic every time.

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